Charlotte Anker-Petersen

Physiotherapist, PhD-student.

Physiotherapist, PhD-student


Sports Orthopedic Research Center – Copenhagen (SORC-C)University of Southern Denmark.


Charlotte's interest in sports physiotherapy started in a young age due to an active career as an elite level gymnast within teamgym. In 2003 she completed her physiotherapy studies and until she in 2015 began her Master of Science in Physiotherapy she has many years of experience working with elite sports children and professional ballet dancers at the Royal Danish Ballet.

Charlotte is one of the founders of the Society Dance Science Denmark. 

Research interests

Sports in Children Gymnastics Dance Science.


Ongoing project: 'Symptoms and morphology of Achilles and Patella tendons in professional ballet dancers: A cohort study'.


Single Day EventsLecturer at Danish Society of Sports Physical Therapy 2014, Children and Youth – Sport and Injuries. Lecturing in physiotherapy in relation to injuries in the foot .

Speaker at Dance Science Denmark Symposium 2018, 'Children, Growth, Hypermobility and Stretching in a Scientific and Clinical Perspective'.

Conference talks

Speaker at The Danish Congress of Medicine & Science in Sports 2012, 'Implementation of stretching in ballet'.


Master Thesis: 'Six-weeks of high-load training and rehearsal across pre-season shows structural changes of the Achilles tendons in professional ballet dancers – an observational cohort study'.

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