Staff & people


Head of research


​​Per Hölmich

Professor, Chief Orthopedic Surgeon, Head of Department of Arthroscopic Surgery, Head of SORC-C

Research Lead

Kristian Thorborg

Ph.D., Specialist in Sports Physiotherapy, ​Professor in Sports and Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Research lead of SORC-C​​

Associate research lead

Kristoffer Weisskirchner Barfod

Ass. Professor, Ph.D., Medical Doctor

Senior researchers


Anders Ploug Boese​n

Ph.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

Otto Kraemer

Chief Othopedic Surgeon

Postdoctoral researchers

Jasmin Bag​ge

​DVM, PhD., PostDoctoral Stem Cell Researcher

Lasse Ishøi

Ph.D., MSc. Sports and experience science, Physiotherapist

Senior Clinical Research Coordinator (Industry Lead)

Kasper Krommes

Ph.D.-fellow, MSc., Physiotherapist

​Clinical Research Coordinators

Laura Mønsted ​Krohn

MSc., Physiotherapist

Scientific assistant

Christina Ramos


​Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) students (enrolled)

Adam Witten

Medical Doctor

Allan Cramer

Medical student

​Catarina Malmberg

​Medical Doctor


Kasper Krommes

​MSc., Physiotherapist

Kristine Bramsen Haugaard

Medical Doctor​

Louise Hindsø
Medical Doctor​

Mathias Fabricius Nielsen

MSc., Physiotherapist

​Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) students (preparing)

Cecilie Køllner Olsen​​

Medical Doctor

Charlotte Anker-Petersen

​MSc., Physiotherapist​

Christian Asmus Peter Asmussen

Medical Doctor

Kristine Rask Andreasen

Medical Doctor

​Niclas Højgaard Ey​sturoy

​Medical Doctor

Niels Christian Kaldau

​Orthopedic Surgeon, Medical Doctor

Sally Oppendieck Andersen

BSc. Exercise & Sports Science, MSc. Human Physiology, PhD-student​

Merete Brink Speedtsberg

​MSc., Sports and experience science

​Master of Science (M.Sc.)​ students​

​​​Amalie Bjerrre Jørgensen​​

Physiotherapy student

Ebrahim Rahdi

Medical student

Ibrahim El Haddouchi

Medical student​

​Thomas W. Mayntzhusen

​Medical student

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) students

​Frederikke Villumsen

​Physiotherapy student

​Gudrun Jóannesardóttir Henriksen

​Medical student

​​​Christian Cuadros Ellitsgaard

Medical student​​​​

Responsible editor