Vaginal delivery

​Read and listen to what other women who have previously had a caesarean section say about their decision – and how they felt about the decision after their delivery.

Anne Kathrine decided to try to deliver vaginally

In the video Anne Katrine talks about her decision

In this video, Anne Kathrine talks about choosing between having a caesarean section or giving birth vaginally.

Anne Kathrine had a caesarean the first time she gave birth because the baby was oddly positioned in the pelvis. After the birth of her first child Anne Kathrine became aware of the fact that children delivered by caesarean are more likely to develop asthma, allergies, eczema etc. As it already runs in her family, Anne Kathrine was afraid to increase the risk even further.

Her preference for the second time was to have a natural delivery, getting the full experience and holding her baby in her arms at the end.

In the delivery room, Anne Kathrine felt safe and in good hands, surrounded by competent people. Today she is certain she made the right choice.

Maria decided to try to deliver vaginally

In the video Maria talks about her decision

In this video, Maria talks about choosing between a caesarean section and a vaginal delivery.

When Maria was about to have her second child, the most important thing to her was feeling that she was heard, and that the obstetrician understood the situation Maria had been in the first time.

Together with her obstetrician, Maria decided to give birth naturally, as she was convinced she would be in safe hands throughout the process and have the option to change her mind if things did not go as expected.

Maria is satisfied and has no doubt that if she is to have a third child, she will choose vaginal birth again.

Louise gave birth vaginally

“They believed that physically and anatomically there was nothing to prevent a natural delivery. And after all, it is the healthiest choice for both me and my baby, isn’t it?
After all, it takes a long time to recover from a caesarean section, and I would like to avoid that, you might say.
There are so many uncertainties, but I have based my decision on the health-related aspects in relation to my child.”

Sofie gave birth vaginally

“It is the best decision I ever made, and if one day I am going to have another child there is no doubt in my mind that I will give birth vaginally.
Of course, you’re sore, but not at all in the same way as after a caesarean section.
It was a positive experience because the obstetrician kept telling me that it would be okay and we actually managed to make a plan for the delivery so that I would not be in labour for as many hours as the first time.
I felt like I was being heard, and I felt listened to.”
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