Professional background knowledge

Dive into the clinical litterature, which is the origin of the information you find on the After A Caesarean website. 

Birth after previous caesarean section

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Placenta & ruptures of the uterus

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Abdominal adhesions

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Chronic pain

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Ruptures of the sphincter

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Bladder damage & urinary incontinence

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Hospitalization of the child in the paediatric ward

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BMI and vaginal birth

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Caesarean section and breastfeeding

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Cystitis after caesarean section

Gundersen et al., upublicerede nationale data fra Danmark 2004-2010

Headaches after epidural anaesthesia Headache after an epidural or spinal injection? What you need to know

Bleeding or inflammation after a caesarean section

Eran Ashwal, Yariv Yogev et al. Characterizing the need for re-laparotomy during puerperium after cesarean section

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