What to remember before your planned caesarean section

Preparation for a caesaean section.

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It’s very important that you read all the information on our website www.hvidovrehospital.dk/caesarean

Shopping list:

  • Pain relief for when you return home: Paracetamol (ex. Pinex, Panodil, Pamol) and Ibuprofen (ex. Ipren, Ibumetin, Burana)
  • Hair removal cream to remove hair from the bikini line
  • Chewing gum to be used after the caesarean section

Information about where and when:

If you are registered for NemSMS, you will receive a text message 48 hours before your admission. The NemSMS will notify you of the date and time of admission. Please disregard the time.

One of the days before your caesarean section a nurse from the postnatal ward will call you between 9 and 12 a.m. You will be informed about the time to be here on the day of the caesarean section and when you will talk to the anesthesiologist. Most patients talk to the anesthesiologist on the day of the caesarean section. Some patients talk to the anesthesiologist on the day before the caesarean section.

Preparations before the caesarean section:

  • 1 – 2 days before the caesarean section you must remove the hair from the bikiniline. Pay attention that your skin does not become irritated – we do not recommend that you shave or wax.
  • You may not wear makeup, nailpolish or jewellery, including piercing jewellery.


  • It is very important that you comply to the rules of fasting before the caesarean section.
  • You should not eat 6 hours prior to your arrival
  • You should not drink milk or smoothies 6 hours prior to your arrival
  • You should not drink 2 hours prior to your arrival
  • We recommend that you drink 300 ml (2 glasses) of lemonade with sugar 2 hours prior to your arrival. After that you should not drink at all.

Where do I go?

Postnatal ward 426, Center 4, 2. floor. Please report to the secretary in the reception.

Consultation with anesthesiologist:

Anesthesiological ward, Ward 438, Center 3, ambulatory floor. Please report to the reception.

Waiting time:

You may experience waiting time from the time you arrive to the time of your caesarean section. This can be due to emergency patients.

Test for Covid-19

You must be tested for Covid-19, 48 hours before your ceasarean section. Please show up at the Coronaclinic (Podeklinikken), Hvidovre Hospital, Kettegaard Alle 18, Parking 6, between 10 am - 5 pm 2 days before the operation.

You can find the result of the test at Sundhed.dk or in Min Sundhedsplatform. The hospital also recieves the result of the test.