Termination of Pregnancy: Medical Abortion

Information about medical abortion

In Denmark it is allowed to terminate pregnancy until week 12. Here you can read about how you can terminate pregnancy medically.

Billede viser sygeplejerske i samtale med patient

Who can have a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is ideally performed in pregnancies before 9 weeks confirmed by ultrasound.

If you have illnesses that cause an increased risk of bleeding, we do not recommend medical abortion.

The treatment:

When the decision about medical abortion has been made, you will take one tablet (Mifegyne) at the outpatient clinic. The day after, you will start the abortion at home by inserting tablets (Cytotec) vaginally. You will also have to take painrelievers that we will provide you with.

Day 1

At the outpatient clinic you will take 1 tablet Mifegyne that you have to swallow. After you have taken this tablet the abortion has been started.
Few patients develop nausea and vaginal bleeding after taking the tablet. In case of severe bleeding you can contact us at the department (see telephone numbers below.

We will provide you with the following medication:
Bag 1: Contains pain-relievers and medicine to avoid nausea
Bag 2:Contains medicine to induce the abortion
Bag 3: Contains extra pain-relievers

Day 2

The day after your appointment in the outpatient clinic (where you took the Mifegyne) the abortion will take place at home. You must not be alone during the abortion but must have an adult with you in case you need help.
We recommend that you start in the morning. Begin by eating breakfast, and after that go to the restroom and urinate, so that your bladder is empty. Then you start the abortion:

1. Open Bag 1 and take the pills with a glass of water
2. Open Bag 2, take the 4 pills (Cytotec) and put them in the bottom of your vagina (as far up as you can reach with your fingers).
3. After this you should lie down for at least 1 hour. You can eat and drink as you normally would.

Cytotec will cause contractions in your uterus as it empties itself. Most women will abort during the next 4-6 hours, but for some it can take up till 24 hours.

The bleeding will be heavier than a normal period, and there might be lumps or clots.

You might also see some remains of the Cytotec tablets in the blood, but the tablets have had enough time to work, so this has no significance. If you need more pain-relief you can take the tablets in Bag 3.

If you feel unsafe – within the first 72 hours of administrating Cytotec

 If you bleed heavily, feel ill or experience pain that cannot be relieved by the medicine in the bags or normal over the counter pain relievers you should contact us at the department.

  • Between 8-15 you can call the Gynecological Outpatient Clinic: 38 62 21 42
  • After 15.00 you can contact the nurse at the Gynecological Department 38 62 31 91
  • After the first 72 hours of administrating Cytotec you should contact your own doctor (the GP).


In medical abortion the bleeding is heavier than a normal period, and it may last for 2 to 3 weeks. If you are still bleeding more than a month after taking Cytotec you must contact your own doctor (the GP).

In 1 out of 20 women it is necessary to perform a vacuum aspiration of the uterus as in a surgical abortion, often because of prolonged bleeding.

Blood type (only in case of abortion after 8 weeks)

If your blood type is Rhesus negative, you will need an injection to prevent the formation of Rhesus antibodies. Rhesus antibodies can cause complications in a following pregnancy.

If we know your blood type, and you are Rhesus negative, we will give you the injection at your appointment in the outpatient clinic.

If we do not know your blood type at the time of your appointment, we will call you if you are Rhesus negative. In that case you will have to come to the Gynecological Outpatient Clinic and get the injection. You have to get the injection within 72 hours after you have administered the Cytotec in your vagina.

Follow-up blood test

To make sure you have aborted we will take a blood test on day 1 at your appointment in the outpatient clinic and one week later. It is important that you remember to show up for both blood tests since they will let us know if the abortion is complete.

We will give you an appointment for the blood test, and the test is taken in Center 1, Department 130. They are open Monday to Wednesday from 7,30-15.00, Thursday 7.30-18.00 and Friday 7.30-14.00.

Your appointment is scheduled for:

Day of week: __________________________

Date: __________________________________

If you wish to change the appointment for the blood test you have to phone 38 62 21 42.

If you do not hear from us within a few days after the second blood test, the abortion has progressed sufficiently, therefore you do not have to call and ask about the results.