Courses and teaching

Ba­sic and Clin­i­cal Re­search in Mus­cu­lo­ske­le­tal Sci­en­ces (MUSKOS)

​​People from PMR-C serve on the board or as supervisors in the graduate (PhD) program Basic and Clinical Research in Musculoskeletal Sciences (MUSKOS) at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences - University of Copenhagen.​

​The program organizes different courses within musculoskeletal sciences. An annual highlight is the "Snekkersten symposium" where we combine scientific and social activities in beautiful surroundings.

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Cli­ni­cal Re­search in He­alth and Me­di­cal Sci­en­ces

​People from PMR-C are course leaders on an annual course in clinical research methodology. The content of the course will be an introduction to clinical research in health and medical sciences, covering the levels of evidence from prospective cohort studies, over randomized controlled trials, to systematic reviews with meta-analyses.

The topics include: research questions, study designs, statistical considerations, sample size calculations, clinimetric properties of outcome measures, intervention design, research registration, sampling, blinding, and reporting of research. Most topics in the PREPARE and REPORT trial guides will be covered. The course is planned for 2022. ​

Scandinavian Congress of Sports Medicine

Most years, people from PMR-C are involved in the planning of the annual Scandinavian Sports Medicine Congress. We take great pride in contributing to this work.

The first joint Danish Sports Medicine Congress, #SPORTSKONGRES, was held in 2004 in Copenhagen as a collaborative effort between the Danish Society of Sports Physical Therapy (DSSF) and The Danish Society of Sports Medicine (DIMS).

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