​Post-operative rehabilitation protocols

The protocols offer a general guide for physical therapists.

The post-operative rehabilitation protocols are intended to guide clinicians through the post-operative course for the different injuries and specific surgical procedures. The protocols are based upon best available evidence, clinical expertise and surgical restrictions. The protocols have been produced by specialists and clinical experts within physical therapy and orthopedic surgery at Amager and Hvidovre Hospital. We also emphasize the importance of an individualized approach based upon shared-decision making between patient, therapist and other relevant parties. 

Rehabilitation protocols

Each rehabilitation protocol is only available in Danish and can be accessed below.

Rehabilitation Protocol 1: Bankart surgery

1. Rehabilitering efter Bankart operation

Rehabilitation Protocol 2: Rotatorcuff reinsertion

2. Rehabilitering efter operation med rotator cuff reinsertion

Rehabilitation Protocol 3: Rotatorcuff reinsertion with subscapularis insertion

3. Rehabilitering efter operation med rotator cuff reinsertion og subscapularis insertion

Rehabilitation Protocol 4: Femoroacetabular impingement

4. Rehabilitering efter operation ved femoroacetabular impingement

Rehabilitation Protocol 5: ACL reconstruction

5. Rehabilitering efter operation med ACL-rekonstruktion

Rehabilitation Protocol 6: ACL reconstruction with meniscus repair, standard

6. Rehabilitering efter operation med ACL-rekonstruktion og samtidig menisk reinsertion

Rehabilitation Protocol 7: ACL reconstruction with meniscus repair, restrictive

7. Rehabilitering efter operation med ACL-rekonstruktion og samtidig menisk reinsertion ved radiær læsion eller meniskavulsion

Rehabilitation Protocol 8: Meniscus repair, standard

8. Rehabilitering efter operation med menisk reinsertion

Rehabilitation Protocol 9: Meniscus repair, restrictive

9. Rehabilitering efter operation for menisk reinsertion ved radiær læsion eller meniskavulsion

Rehabilitation Protocol 10: Eminentia avulsion fracture in children

10. Rehabilitering efter operation med ACL-refiksering hos børn med eminentia avulsion

Rehabilitation Protocol 11: Medial patellofemorale ligament reconstruction

11. Rehabilitering efter operation med rekonstruktion af det mediale patellofemorale ligament (MPFL)

Rehabilitation Protocol 12: Elmslie Trillat operation

12. Rehabilitering efter Elmslie Trillat operation (eventuelt i kombination med MPFL-rekonstruktion)

Rehabilitation Protocol 13: Steadman, Femorotibial joint

13. Rehabilitering efter mikrofrakturering ved femorotibiale læsioner (Steadman)

Rehabilitation Protocol 14: Steadman, Patellofemoral joint 

14. Rehabilitering efter mikrofrakturering ved patello-femorale læsioner (Steadman)

Rehabilitation Protocol 15: Gluteus Medius reinsertion.

15. Rehabilitering efter operation med gluteus medius og minimus reinsertion

​Rehabilitation Protocol 16:​​ Operative treatment of achilles tendon rupture

16. Rehabilitering efter operativ behandling af akillesseneruptur​

​​Rehabilitation Protocol 17: Non-operative treatment of achilles tendon rupture​

​​17. Rehabilitering efter ikke-operativ behandling af akillesseneruptur​​

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