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​How we can help collaborators​.


PMR-C is established across three departments at Amager and Hvidovre Hospital, so it is in our DNA to collaborate. We collaborate with many internal and external partners and we take great pride in contributing to enhancing the quality of clinical research to help reduce wasted resources and low clinical impact. Over the years, we have developed skills within clinical research methodology that enable us to function as clinical trialists when we take on collaborative efforts. We can provide valuable input and practical help at critical time points in the life cycle of a clinical trial so that an oversight does not become a fundamental flaw that results in bias and low impact.

We have documented experience in:

Examples of completed clinical trials where we have provide clinical trialist input and/or helped set up and run exercise-based interventions include: 

For collaborative partners, we offer: 

Clinical trialist input to increase research quality, transparency, and impact. Examples of use include when and how to register a clinical trial so that it facilitates subsequent high-quality reporting an​d consistency; and selection of primary outcomes that matter.      

Exercise intervention and test site in the Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy. We can organize and deliver exercise-based interventions for clinical trials, including exercise physiology input and training of key personnel. We can also organize and deliver testing of human skeletal muscle function, cardiovascular fitness, and functional performance.  

Lectures and workshops on clinical trial methodology and dissemination. We regularly give lectures and participate in “theme days" together with collaborative partners: Examples of talks that we give regularly include: How to develop a good research question? How to design a clinical trial? How to run a pilot and feasibility trial? How to register a clinical trial? How to report a clinical trial? How to publish open access for free using preprints? How to use Social Media to increase research reach and impact?  

Spots on PhD-courses in clinical research methodology offered at the University of Copenhagen. When we run our PhD courses, we have a few spots to offer students that are practical help. ​

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