Knowledge sharing and courses

As part of our mission to improve rehabilitation healthcare by producing fantastic research and educating excellent researchers, it is key for us to share knowledge and expertise within PMR-C and with our collaborators. We regularly have “How to?" meetings where relevant topics are presented and discussed. Examples of topics are listed below.

Our “How to?" meetings are held in close collaboration with the three departments that PMR-C is established across: The Department of Physical- and Occupational Therapy, The Department of Orthopedic Surgery and the Department of Clinical Research at Copenhagen University Hospital, Amager and Hvidovre. We also often arrange meetings in collaboration with “The Group of Young Researchers" (GUF) at Copenhagen University Hospital, Amager and Hvidovre. We take great pride in contributing to educational activities for younger clinical researchers.

In many cases our meetings are open for everyone and we have an inclusive approach to the sharing of knowledge.  We will post on our various social media outlets on upcoming “How to?" meetings that are open for everyone.


Examples of topics for PMR-C “How to?" meetings:

  • How to: Trial protocols and trial registries for consistency
  • How to:  Develop a good research question?
  • How to: Design a clinical trial so that you don't have to put out fires later on?
  • How to report a clinical trial with quality, transparency and without spin?
  • How to: Respond to peer review
  • How to: Teaching portfolio
  • How to: Grant applications
  • How to: CV
  • How to: Re-use own work but not self-plagiarize
  • How to: Systematic reviews
  • How to: Data management for primary investigators
  • How to: Publish open access for free using preprints
  • How to: Pilot and feasibility studies
  • How to: Sample size estimate
  • How to: Vector graphics for infographics and posters
  • How to: Research Ethics Committee
  • How to: Use social media to increase research reach and impact
  • How to: Medical Writing
  • How to: Project management
  • How to: User involvement in research
  • How to: Complete data in clinical databases

People from PMR-C are course leaders and lecturers on an annual PhD-course in clinical research dissemination.


The course is an introduction to clinical research dissemination focusing on three important areas that have undergone innovation in recent years: (1) academic writing and reporting quality, (2) open access publishing and preprints, (3) social media as an important research dissemination outlet. The lecturers on this course each run their own more in-dept Ph.D. courses for each of these areas (medical writing, social media, and clinical research methodology). So, this combined course is an introduction to these three areas with a focus on the research promotion synergy you can achieve when you know the fundamentals of them all. 

The topics include writing well (as a non-native English speaker), writing a problem statement, writing a cover letter, responding to peer review, strategically using open access preprints, effective research reporting without spin, and social media for peer networking, ideation, and research promotion. To give you a feel for some of the topics, please have a look in the REPORT Trial Guide (open access link here)

Course director

Thomas Bandholm, Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen/Department of Clinical Research (056), Hvidovre Hospital, thomas.quaade.bandholm@regionh.dk


Mette Merete Pedersen, Associate Professor (University of Copenhagen), Christine Møller BA, Dip Ed, Director (Medical Manuscripts), Mike Young, Cand. Mag. (Mike Young Academy), Kristian Thorborg, Professor (University of Copenhagen), and Thomas Bandholm, Professor (University of Copenhagen).  ​

People from PMR-C are course leaders and lecturers on an annual PhD-course in clinical research methodology. The content of the course will be an introduction to clinical research in health and medical sciences, covering the levels of evidence from prospective cohort studies, over randomized controlled trials, to systematic reviews with meta-analyses. 

The topics include research questions, study designs, statistical considerations, sample size calculations, outcome selection, intervention design, research registration, sampling, blinding, and reporting of research. Most topics in the PREPARE and REPORT trial guides will be covered and many of the authors will lecture on the course (link to open access papers): 

Planned for 2023.

People from PMR-C serve on the board or as supervisors in the graduate (PhD) program Basic and Clinical Research in Musculoskeletal Sciences (MUSKOS) at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences - University of Copenhagen.​

​The program organizes different courses within musculoskeletal sciences. An annual highlight is the "Snekkersten symposium" where we combine scientific and social activities in beautiful surroundings.

Read more about MUSKOS (University of Copenhagen)

Most years, people from PMR-C are involved in the planning of the annual Scandinavian Sports Medicine Congress. We take great pride in contributing to this work.

The first joint Danish Sports Medicine Congress, #SPORTSKONGRES, was held in 2004 in Copenhagen as a collaborative effort between the Danish Society of Sports Physical Therapy (DSSF) and The Danish Society of Sports Medicine (DIMS).

Read more  about Scandinavian Congress of Sports Medicine and register

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