What is PMR-C?

​​Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Research – Copenhagen (PMR-C) is a founder-led research program in physical medicine and rehabilitation established in 2013 across Departments of: Physical- and Occupational Therapy, Orthopedic Surgery and Clinical Research at Copenhagen University Hospital, Amager and Hvidovre.​


Fantastic research and excellent education

​Our mission is to improve rehabilitation healthcare by producing fantastic research and educating excellent researchers who know right from wrong. 

We focus on the use of physical medicine to enhance recovery in patients, or to prevent injury or disease. Our approach is clinical, but we also conduct basic research to investigate mechanisms and research to develop new outcome measures.​

Collaboration over competition

The PMR-C core is the Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy’s activities within research, development work research, implementation, education, and clinical work improvements. 

We actively seek to create synergy between PMR-C and the other research groups of the three departments.

We believe strongly in collaboration over competition.

Excellence without kindness has little value​​

Academia can be competitive. We believe that excellence must not come at the expense of kindness, and that excellence without kindness has little value. We recruit talent and seek collaboration based on this belief. Our value keywords are; excellence, integrity, transparency, diversity and kindness.


We believe in open science and transparency in clinical research. We participate in academic discussions on research methodology, ethics, and biases that prevent science from self-correction or create injustices.  ​​

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