About research in prevention of injuries

​In PMR-C we systematically collect injury data on acute, longstanding and recurrent injuries in the most popular sports in Denmark.

Based on identified injury incidence, prevalence and severity we intervene with preventative measures, often including specific strength and coordination exercises relevant for the most troublesome injuries in specific sports.

Football and handball in both adolescent and adults are the primary interest at PMR-C due to the high number of injured individuals in these sports in Denmark.

Selected papers

Hölmich P, Larsen K, Krogsgaard K, Gluud C (2010). Exercise program for prevention of groin pain in football players: a cluster-randomized trial. Scand J Med Sci Sports 20: 814-821.

Petersen J, Thorborg K, Nielsen MB, Budtz-Jørgensen E, Hölmich P (2011). Preventive effect of eccentric training on acute hamstring injuries in men's soccer: a cluster-randomized controlled trial. Am J Sports Med 39: 2296-2303.

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