Simple strength training exercises and interventions in clinical practice (Main project)

​Ongoing research

Principal investigators: Kristian Thorborg

Students involved: Andreas Serner, Kasper Krommes, Jesper Jensen, Markus Jakobsen, Emil Sundstrup

Principal supervisor: Kristian Thorborg

Co-supervisor(s): Per Hölmich, Lars L Andersen, Mette Zebis, Thomas Bandholm

Research initiative: Kristian Thorborg

Time frame: 2011-14


Strength-training including concentric, isometric and eccentric contractions have shown to be effective treatments for acute and overuse muscle tendon injuries, and this treatment modality is therefore commonly applied for these conditions. Strength training machines are available in many workout centres, but often not in the clinical setting, as this type of equipment is expensive, needs to be performed indoor, and usually takes up a considerable amount of space. It is therefore logical to try and mimic this kind of strength training equipment by introducing an exercise set-up, where the resistance is provided by free weights or an elastic exercise band. The advantage of these type of equipments is that it is inexpensive, acquires very little space, and therefore can be performed in the clinical setting,


To investigate neuromuscular activity and effect of simple strength training exercises and interventions, in healthy subjects

Experimental approach: Different exercises and protocols are investigated in randomized controlled trials, where contraction specific improvements are assessed over time, and in cross-sectional studies investigating neuromuscular activity in different muscle groups during the execution of specific exercises.

Additional information

 The study is approved by the Local Ethical Committee (H-3-2011-145)


Kristian Thorborg

Responsible editor