We have extensive cooperation with both Danish and international partners.

PMR-C affiliates

Jan Overgaard, PT, MSc (Physical Therapy), Department of Rehabilitation in the Municipality of Lolland, Denmark

PMR-C collaborative groups

Copenhagen Coordinated Care Collaborative Group (CphCARE)

CphCARE is a research collaboration-initiative between institutions and people in the Copenhagen area.

The aim of the group is to optimize the care and treatment of patients across health care sectors by intense collaboration.

Anyone with an interest in contributing to this aim is welcome to contact the collaborative group administration via Professor Thomas Bandholm (PMR-C),

CphCARE collaborators

  • Department of Rehabilitation in the Municipality of Copenhagen
  • Department of Rehabilitation in the Municipality of Hvidovre
  • Department of Rehabilitation in the Municipality of Brøndby
  • Department of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, Næstved-Slagelse-Ringsted Hospitals
  • Intersectoral Research Unit, The Capital Region of Denmark
  • Metropolitan University College, Department of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, Copenhagen
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Research – Copenhagen (PMR-C), Clinical Research Center and the Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy, Amager-Hvidovre Hospital
  • Clinical Orthopaedic Research Hvidovre (CORH), Department of Orthopedic Research, Amager-Hvidovre Hospital.
  • Optimized Senior Patient Program (Optimed), Clinical Research Center, Amager-Hvidovre Hospital

Selected papers, CphCARE

Pedersen MMP, Petersen J, Beyer N, Damkjær L, Bandholm T (2016). Supervised progressive cross-continuum strength training compared with usual care in older medical patients: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (the STAND-Cph trial). Trials 17: 176.

Pedersen MMP, Petersen J, Bean JF, Damkjaer L, Juul-Larsen HG, Andersen O, Beyer N, Bandholm T (2015). Feasibility of progressive sit-to-stand training among older hospitalized patients. PeerJ 3: e1500. 

Examples of ongoing research, CphCARE

Quadriceps exercise before total knee arthroplasty (The QUADX-1 trial), trial registration: NCT02931058

In-hospital and Post-discharge Training of Older Medical Patients (The STAND-Cph trial), trial registration: NCT01964482

> Trial protocol paper - The STAND-Cph trial

Physically active older patients during and after hospital discharge (The WALK-Cph trial), trial registration pending. 

> Trial protocol paper - The WALK-Cph trial

PMR-C collaborators


  • Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance: Hartwig Siebner
  • Department of Heart- and Lung Medicine: Ane Katrine Skielboe, Ulrik Dixen
  • SORC-C, Sports Orthopedic Research Center – Copenhagen (SORC-C), Amager Hvidovre Hospital: Per Hölmich, Kristoffer Barfod
  • Laboratory of Human Movement Analysis: Jesper Bencke
  • CORH – Clinical Orthopedic Research Hvidovre, Department of Orthopedic Surgery: Anders Troelsen, Henrik Husted, Henrik Palm
  • Section of Surgical Pathophysiology, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Henrik Kehlet
  • Lundbeckfoundation Centre for Fast-Track Hip and Knee Arthroplasty, Copenhagen, Henrik Kehlet
  • Department of Rehabilitation in the Municipality of Hvidovre: Lise Kronborg, Casper Mortensen 
  • Department of Rehabilitation in the Municipality of Copenhagen: Tine Jørgensen, Merete Røn Christensen, Kajsa Lindberg, Lars Damkjær, Thomas Linding Jakobsen
  • CopenRehab, University of Copenhagen, Denmark: Henning Langberg
  • Public Health Centre Brøndby: Ulla Holm Frausing
  • Metropolitan University College, Copenhagen: Mette Kreutzfeldt Zebis, Jannick Marschall
  • National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Copenhagen: Lars Andersen
  • Parker Institute, Copenhagen University Hospital, Frederiksberg: Marius Henriksen, Robin Christensen
  • University of Copenhagen, Karl Bang Christensen, Michael Bachmann Nielsen
  • University of Southern Denmark, Odense: Anders Holsgaard-Larsen, Ewa Roos
  • Institute of Sports Medicine – Copenhagen and Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy, Copenhagen University Hospital, Bispebjerg: Nina Beyer, Michael Kjær, Peter Magnusson, Christian Couppé


  • Aspetar, Qatar Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, Doha, Qatar: Hakim Chalabi, Per Hölmich, Erik Witrouw
  • Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand: Peter McNair, David Rice
  • University of Granada, Granada, Spain: Patrocinio Ariza-Vega, Jose Juan Jiménez-Moleón

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