​Steering committee members, Postdocs, PhD-students and MSc-students.

Steering committee members

Thomas Bandholm, PT, MSc (Exercise Physiology), PhD
Dr. Bandholm is professor of clinical exercise physiology and rehabilitation, and head of research at PMR-C. 

Morten Tange Kristensen, PT, PhD
Dr. Kristensen is a senior researcher at PMR-C. He is responsible for enhanced recovery program research in patients with hip fracture and lower limb amputations at PMR-C.

Kristian Thorborg, PT, MPty (Sports Physical Therapy), PhD
Dr. Thorborg is a senior researcher at PMR-C, and an Associate Professor with the Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen. He is responsible for sports medicine research at PMR-C.

Jette Christensen, PT, MSc
Ms Christensen is the head of the Department of Physical- and Occupational Therapy, Hvidovre Hospital.

Ove Andersen, MD, PhD
Dr. Andersen is the research director at Hvidovre Hospital and head of the Clinical Research Centre, Hvidovre Hospital.


Mette Merete Pedersen, PT, MSc (Health Sciences)
Ms Pedersen is a postdoc at PMR-C, and co-affiliated with Optimized Senior Patient Programme (OPTIMED). Her postdoc deals with exercise to prevent functional decline following acute hospitalization for a medical illness in older patients.   


Helle Gybel Juul-Larsen, PT, MSc (Health Sciences)
Ms Juul-Larsen is a PhD-student at Optimized Senior Patient Programme (OPTIMED), co-affiliated with PMR-C, and enrolled at the University of Copenhagen. Her PhD deals with epidemiological strategies for adapting Disease Management Programs to older persons with multimorbidity. 

Signe Hulsbæk, PT, MPH
Ms. Hulsbæk is a PhD-student at PMR-C and the Department of physio- and occupational therapy, Copenhagen University Hospital, Amager-Hvidovre. She is enrolled at the University of Copenhagen. Her PhD deals with early cross continuum rehabilitation following hip fracture surgery and are investigating the use of muscle building medicine in rehabilitation.

Maria Swennergren Hansen, PT, MSc

Mrs. Swennergren Hansen is a PhD-student at PMR-C co-affiliated with Sports Orthopedic Research Center-Copenhagen (SORC-C). She is enrolled at the University of Copenhagen. Her PhD focus on elongation of the Achilles tendon the first year after rupture and is conducted together with a national multicenter study aiming to optimize the treatment after an Achilles tendon rupture using an individual treatment algorithm.
Rasmus Skov Husted, PT, MSc (physical therapy)
Mr Husted is  a PhD-student at PMR-C, co-affiliated with Optimized Senior Patient Programme (OPTIMED) and Clinical Orthopedic Research Hvidovre (CORH), Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Copenhagen University Hospital, Amager-Hvidovre. He is enrolled at the University of Copenhagen. His PhD deals with preoperative exercise to optimize cross-sectorial care of patients with end-stage knee osteoarthritis.


Bolette Skjødt, PT
Mrs. Skjødt is an MSc-student at PMR-C and enrolled at University of Copenhagen. Her research deals with pain during hip strength testing in footballers with hip and groin pain. 

Line Rokkedal Jønsson, PT, MR (physical therapy)
Ms. Rokkedal Jønsson is an MSc-student at PMR-C and enrolled at the University of Southern Denmark. Her MSc deals with early and intensive mobilization to patient following Acute High-risk Abdominal surgery (AHA).

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