Inter-rater reliability and agreement of the 6 minute-walk-test in patients with hip fracture

Principal investigator: Jan Overgaard

Principal supervisor: Morten Tange Kristensen

Co-supervisor: Linda Fernandes (University of Southern Denmark)

Research initiative: Department of Rehabilitation, Lolland Community, and PMR-C.

Time frame: 2013-14

Background: The 6 minute-walk-test (6MWT) is widely used as an outcome measure in rehabilitation of different patient groups, including patients with hip fracture. Still, there is a lack of knowledge regarding reliability and agreement of the 6MWT in this patient group.

Purpose: The aim of this study is to examine the Inter-rater reliability and agreement of the 6MWT in patients with hip fracture.

Experimental approach: A power calculation showed that 50 patients should be included. The 6MWT is performed according to international guidelines, and each patient will be tested twice with a 2-days rest interval, by two physiotherapists who are blinded to each others ratings until end of study.  The two physiotherapists are randomly assigned to be the first rater; 25 patients each.

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