Exercise validation

Different exercises and protocols are often used as the primary intervention in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Very often, these exercises and protocols are based upon clinical experience. Their physiological effects, therefore, have typically not been established in controlled studies before applied to patients. At PMR-C we wish to investigate specific physiological effects of specific exercises and protocols, to gain a better understanding of their potential clinical effect. This will help in the selection of specific exercises and protocols for future clinical studies that use exercise as the "drug of choice".

Selected papers:
Thorborg K, Bandholm T, Petersen J, Weeke K.M.Ø, Weinold C, Andersen B, Serner A, Magnusson S.P, Hölmich P (2010). Hip-abduction strength training in the clinical setting: Heavy versus moderate load. Scand J Med Sci Sports 20 Suppl 2: 70-77.

Jensen J, Hölmich P, Bandholm T, Zebis MK, Andersen LL, Thorborg K (2012). Eccentric strengthening effect of hip-adductor training with elastic bands in soccer players: a randomised controlled trial. Br J Sports Med (Epub ahead of print). 

Serner A, Jakobsen MD, Andersen LL, Hölmich P, Sundstrup E, Thorborg K (2013). EMG evaluation of hip adduction exercises for soccer players: implications for exercise selection in prevention and treatment of groin injuries. Br J SportsMed (Epub ahead of print)

 Ongoing research