About the Arthroplasty Unit

Research areas are multiple and include all aspects of operations, of fast-track surgery and of tribology. 

Special interest and expertise lies in optimization of pain treatment, rehabilitation and mobilization, information and motivation, reduction of complications and readmissions (bleeding and blood transfusion, DVT, infection, orthostatic hypotension), and an evidence-based revision of traditions. 

All aspects of tribology are evaluated using radiographic examination, RSA, gait analyses, and clinical examination. 

A special area of interest is bilateral simultaneous arthroplasty and optimization hereof in its broadest terms.

Research Expertise

Research expertise includes a professor, 3 surgeons with medical degrees (DMSci and PhD), more than 300 publications and extensive supervising expertise (PhD, postdoc, master of science). Also, scientific reviewers of various medical journals including: Lancet, Clinical Orthopaedics Related Research, Acta Orthopedica, BMC musculoskeletal, Acta Radiologica, Arch Orthop Trauma Surg, Danish Medical Journal, Journal of Orthopaedic Research.

Databases are established on all aspects of the perioperative course including patient characteristics, LOS, satisfaction, and wound appearance (ASEPSIS).  

Research is conducted both locally, nationally and internationally and the department is a reference center for fast-track surgery.