About Research Unit for Amputations

​Read abot the research areas in the unit. 



​The research unit has its​ main focus on clinical outcome in patients undergoing major amputations due to non-traumatic, non-malignant disorders. The core of this is to build a strong and valid database and in addition to have clinical trials working coordinated around the clinical unit. 

The treatment and research is truly multidisciplinary with Orthopedic surgeons, Anaesthesiology, primary care (nurses), Physiotherapy, Biomechanics etc. 

Currently we have one Phd student working on creating a baseline study on amputations in Denmark in the last decade and to study the postoperative stress-response in patients and potential ways to modify this, with emphasis on nutrition. 

The main areas of interest for the next years will be surgical stress response, pain, rehabilitation and inspired by other areas, implementing elements from fast-track surgery. 

As an adjacent area of interest we have chronic and acute wounds with special interest in bacterial biofilm.