About Clinical Orthopaedic Research Hvidovre

​Read more about CORH and our research topics. 



​Who ar​e we?

CORH is a research unit that focuses on topics within the field of orthopaedic surgery.

The unit was officially established in 2010 by the initiative of ph.d. and DMSc, Anders Troelsen.

Our vision is to ensure the highest quality of orthopaedic care through continuous aspiration for the highest level of knowledge.

What are our research ​topics?

The research conducted by the members of CORH is very interdisciplinary within the field of orthopaedics. It is, nonetheless, all based on clinical orthopaedic issues of how to optimize the treatment of orthopaedic patients.

Standards of treatment are often based on tradition or dogma. CORH aims to break down existing dogmas and ensure evidence-based choice of patient care.
Two central pillars of CORH research is the performance of Randomised Clinical Trials and prospective database studies.

Some of the research topics covered by CORH researchers:

  • Quality Monitoring
  • Registration of data (database)
  • Blood loss in relation to orthopaedic surgery
  • Arthroplasty (hip and knee)
  • Hip fractures
  • Clavicle fractures
  • Ruptured Achilles tendon​​