Caesarean: When the baby is delivered

​​​When the baby is delivered the midwife is ready to receive it.

​If the circumstances for early skin to skin contact are present, you will see the umbilical cord being cut and the baby will lie with you immediately after the delivery. The midwife will wipe off the baby and swaddle it while it lies in your arms. The baby stays in your arms while you are being stitched up. Before you leave the operating room, the midwife will measure, weigh and examine the baby.

If early skin to skin contact is not possible, the midwife will take the baby to the examination table immediately after the delivery. The baby will be measured, weighed and examined. Your relative is welcome to join the baby at the examination table and stay beside it while it is being examined. The baby may feel safe if the relative talks to it and maybe holds its hand.

If the baby has a lot of amniotic fluid in the respiratory passages, it may disrupt the baby’s breathing and the midwife will aspirate the baby’s nose and mouth. Furthermore, the midwife can provide the baby with extra oxygen if it is necessary.

In accordance with the recommendations of The Danish Health and Medicines Authority the baby will receive an injection of vitamin K (Phytomenadion) after the delivery.

When the baby has been examined it will be swaddled nice and warm and be brought back to you. Or your relative can help hold the baby close to you.

The midwife will examine if the placenta is intact and draw blood samples from it. If you wish to see the placenta let the midwife or other personnel in the operating room know.

Concurrently, the obstetricians will complete the caesarean by ensuring that the uterus is contracting as it should after the delivery and stitch up the wound.

The delivery is the baby’s first meeting with life and with you. And it is your first meeting with your little new baby. It may be an experience filled with joy, anxiety and relief all at once. Allow yourselves to be present in the moment without expectations.


You might feel nauseous some time after the caesarean and you might throw up. You can have tablets to relieve the nausea.


Some patients may experience itching in connection with the spinal anaesthesia. It rarely requires treatment and will disappear over a few hours.

Should​​​er pain

After a caesarean some may experience shoulder pain in their right shoulder. This is harmless and will pass without treatment.

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