Caesarean section: Practical information before planned caesarean section

​Here you can read about what you need to prepare before your caesarean, when and where to show up and when you talk to the anaesthesiologist.

Preparation for planned caesarean section

When you are scheduled for a caesarean section you will be given with a list of things you have to do and remember in preparation for your planned caesarean section.

Shopping list

  • Pain relief for when you return home: Paracetamol (ex. Pinex, Pamol, Panodil) and Ibuprofen (ex. Ipren, Ibumetin, Burana)
  •  Hair removal crème to remove hair from the bikini line
  • Chewing gum to be used after the caesarean section

Information about when and where

On one of the days before your caesarean section a nurse from the postnatal ward will call you between 9:00 and 12:00 a.m. You will be informed at what time to come on the day of the caesarean section and when you will talk to the anesthesiologist. Most patients talk to the anesthesiologist on the day of the caesarean section. Some patients talk to the anesthesiologist on the day before the caesarean section.

On the day of your caesarean section, you show up at the postnatal ward, 426, which is located in centre 4 on the second floor. Please report to the secretary in the reception.

Fasting and preparations before the caesarean section

For your safety, your stomach must be empty when you are anaesthetized for caesarean section. It is important that you comply with the rules of fasting before the caesarean section:

  • You should not eat from 6 hours prior to your arrival
  • You should not drink milk or smoothies 6 hours prior to your arrival
  • You should not drink from 2 hours prior to your arrival
  • We recommend that you drink 2 glasses of lemonade with sugar 2 hours prior to your arrival. After that you may not drink at all before the caesarean section
  • You are allowed to use tooth paste while brushing your teeth in the morning before your caesarean.
  • You may not wear make-up, nail polish or jewelry, including piercing jewelry.
  • 1-2 days before your caesarean section you need to remove hair from the bikini line – do not use razors as they can cause infection of the hair follicles in the skin.


You are allowed to bring one adult relative to the operating room. Your relative will be given clothes and headgear, which he or she must wear in the operating room. During the caesarean section he or she will be sitting next to you. It is not permitted to film during the caesarean section but you are welcome to take pictures.
After the caesarean your relative can stay at the hospital with you. He or she will have to bring their own clothes and toiletries.

If you go into labour

If your water breaks or you start having contractions, contact the maternity ward on this number: 38 62 28 33. When you arrive at the maternity ward 346, the midwife will examine you and determine how the delivery is progressing. Your caesarean section will be performed as soon as it is necessary.


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