Caesarean: After your baby is born

​When the caesarean is finished, you, your baby and your relative will be transported to the recovery ward. 

​At the recovery ward, we will observe your heart rate, your blood pressure and the oxygen level in your blood as you are still anaesthetized. You will be offered something to drink and food. The nurse at the recovery ward will also observe the bleeding from your vagina. The spinal anaesthesia will subside within two to four hours.

The recovery ward is also a good place to get the breast feeding started. Some babies are eager to find their mother’s breast and for some it takes some time. The midwife will guide you.

Postnatal ward

From the recovery ward you will be taken to the postnatal ward, where you may stay for two days. It is important that you get out of bed as soon as possible after your caesarean. You will be given pain reliever to ease your recovery. At the postnatal ward the personnel will offer guidance and direction on baby care, breastfeeding among other things. You are welcome to ask if you have any questions.

We recommend that you limit your visits from relatives as it is our experience that you need time alone as a new family.

The day you are discharged you can go to a joint meeting where you will, among other things, receive information on baby care, breastfeeding, physiotherapy. At the discharge you will also receive information on pain management when you get home.

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