About Optimed - Optimized Senior Patient Program

​Optimized Senior Patient Program (Optimed) is a research group at Clinical Research Centre. 

The research focus of Optimed is to optimize treatment of older medical patients – including a focus on accelerated aging and identification of frail older patients. 

One of the group’s core competencies is conducting large clinical trials in older medical patients in collaboration with the Emergency Department at Hvidovre Hospital and municipal rehabilitation units in the Region of Copenhagen. 

Optimed is an interdisciplinary research group of medical doctors, nurses, dietitians, exercise physiologists, pharmacists, and statisticians. It comprises 4 senior researchers, 3 postdocs, 8 PhD students, as well as 8 research assistants and master students. 

We collaborate with research groups throughout Denmark, as well as in the United States, the UK and New Zealand. 

We are especially interested in sharing knowledge and research projects that aim to optimize trajectories of older patients across primary and secondary health care in Denmark. 

We have had several of our PhD students visit research groups abroad and we ​welcome international researchers and students, who wish to spend time with us.

We aim to ensure that all our research groups are comprised of different health professionals, as we believe that a multidisciplinary team is essential in order to address the complexity of older medical patient appropriately and innovatively. 

Further, multidisciplinary research methods are highly prioritized in order to choose research designs and statistical methods that are best for a given hypothesis. 

We work closely with health professionals in clinical practice both in hospitals and in the community setting to make our research appropriate, applicable and easy to implement. 

Currently, we have one PhD student focusing on Implementation within the clinical setting. 

For more information please contact
Ove Andersen or
Lea Parmark