Physical rehabilitation


The aging process is associated with physiological changes including decreased muscle mass, increased fat mass and altered muscle-nerve function resulting in decreased functional capacity.

Acute illness combined with inactivity and bed rest during hospitalization accelerates the age-related changes in functional capacity. Thus, the older medical patient is at risk of loosing functional independency during hospitalization. Research on exercise during hospitalization and post-discharge have shown beneficial effects on functional independency. However, the interventions have been characterised by comprehensive exercise programmes resulting in a lack of compliance.

Main focus

The aim of our studies concerning physical activity and exercise is to reduce inactivity-induced loss of functional capacity and provide optimal physical rehabilitation for older medical patients during hospitalization and after discharge. The aim is to obtain high compliance by developing an exercise programme that is simple, easily implemented and targeted at the individual ability of the older medical patient.

On-going studies

The STAND-Cph trial: Supervised progressive cross-continuum strength training compared with usual care in older medical patients. After baseline assessments, patients are randomized to either supervised progressive strength training during hospitalization and after discharge (home-based) or usual care. Follow-up assessments shortly after discharge and 4 weeks after discharge (primary end point) in the patients' own homes. The intervention consists of strength training of the lower extremities daily during hospitalization and three times per week for 4 weeks after discharge. 80 patients will be enrolled. Project leaders: Mette Merete Pedersen and Lillian Mørch Jørgensen.

The WALK-Cph trial (Stå og gå i Region H): Cross-continuum physical activity in older medical patients: a pragmatic, mixed-methods and implementation study to increase 24-hour mobility in older medical patients during acute hospitalization and following discharge. WALK-Cph is a tailored intervention which has been developed and co-designed in collaboration with key stakeholders (patients, relatives, health professionals and researchers) to enable successful implementation (Phase 1). In the upcoming phases of the study, we will fidelity-test the intervention (Phase 2), impact-test the intervention in an RCT-study (Phase 3) and measure adoption of the intervention (Phase 4). Project leaders: Jeanette Wassar Kirk and Mette Merete Pedersen.

The QUADX-1 Trial: An exercise dose-response trial in patients eligible for total knee arthroplasty due to end-stage knee osteoarthritis. Three knee-extensor exercise dosages are investigated. Following baseline assessment, patients are randomized to either 2, 4 or 6 exercise sessions a week for 12 weeks. Follow-up assessment is after 12 weeks of exercise (primary end-point), shortly following surgery (total knee arthroplasty) and three months following surgery. The primary outcome is change in knee-extensor strength. 140 patients will be enrolled. Project leader: Rasmus Skov Husted.

Finished studies 

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