Medication in the older population is a complex field. The aging process is associated with physiological changes such as a decrease in hepatic clearance, a decrease in glomerular filtration capacity, loss of total muscle mass and impaired homeostatic mechanisms. These changes have an impact on the pharmacodynamics and –kinetics, which increases the risk of adverse drug reactions in older people. 

Medication for the older population is becoming a noticeable problem as the average life expectancy is increasing. The prevalence of older persons with multiple (chronic) diseases, increases the chance of poly-pharmacy. Further, older persons are frequently admitted to hospitals; this increases the complexity of handling drugs to older people between the primary and secondary sector. 

Main Focus 

Our main focus has been on Potentially Inappropriate Medications (PIMs), which are drugs which carry more risks than benefits for older people. PIMs and poly-pharmacy expose older people to a greater risk of adverse drug reactions. 

Further we have looked at the implementation of Shared Medication Card (in Danish: KMK - Fælles Medicin Kort), which is a new computer system to handling medicine. 

​Finished studies 

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