Continuity, collaboration, and coordination


Older medical patients often have multiple conditions and are therefore connected to several specialties at the hospital. Around 15% of older medical patients in Denmark are readmitted within one month after discharge from hospital, some caused by fast transitions or discharges. Transitions within the hospital and across sectors are associated with loss of information and increased risk of adverse events due to lack of communication. 

Main Focus 

Our research group have obtained knowledge in the fields of: Experiences of hospital encounters and the collaboration between staff and relatives, documentation practices among nurses, collaboration between hospital and municipality regarding a new screening tool and investigating how case managing can contribute to more safe trajectories for older medical patients. Further, we study the connection between patients’ diagnoses and ward allocation and patients’ disease patterns and how they fit into existing disease management programs. 

On-going studies 

What relatives of older medical patients want us to know: A qualitative content analysis of free text in a structured survey. Ditte Maria Sivertsen, Louise Lawson-Smith & Tove Lindhardt (Manuscript submitted)

Nursing documentation of acutely admitted older medical patients: Patients´ care needs are not reflected systematically in nurses´ records. Ditte Maria Sivertsen, Helle Gybel Juul-Larsen, Janne Petersen, Louise Lawson-Smith, Tove Lindhardt og Ove Andersen (In prep.)

Prevalence and overlap of Disease Management Program Diseases in Older Medical Patients. Helle Gybel Juul-Larsen, Ditte Maria Sivertsen, Ove Andersen and Janne Petersen (Manuscript submitted)

Finished studies 

Barriers and facilitators for implementing a new screening tool in an emergency department: a qualitative study applying the Theoretical Domains Framework. Jeanette Wassar Kirk, Ditte Maria Sivertsen, Janne Petersen, Per Nielsen & Helle Vendel Petersen. J Clin Nurs. 2016 Jun 7. doi: 10.1111/jocn.13275. [Epub ahead of print]​

Elderly Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia Are Not Treated According to Current Guidelines. Tove Lindhardt, Henrik Hedegaard Klausen, Christina Christiansen, Louise Lawson Smith, Janne Petersen & Ove Andersen, Dan Med J 2013;60(2):A4572 

Ældre Patienter med Pneumoni Behandles Ikke i Overensstemmelse med Aktuelle Kliniske Retningslinjer. Tove Lindhardt, Henrik Hedegaard Klausen, Christina Christiansen, Louise Lawson Smith, Janne Petersen & Ove Andersen, Ugeskr Læger 2013;175(6):360

Outcomes in elderly Danish citizens admitted with community-acquired pneumonia. Regional differences, in a public healthcare system. Hedegaard Klausen, H., Petersen, J., Lindhardt, T., Bandholm, T., Hendriksen, C., Kehlet, H., Vestbo, J. & Andersen, O. 2012 I : Respiratory Medicine. 106, 12, s. 1778-1787 ​