​Projekter i Akutmodtagelsen


Hejdi Gamst-Jensen: Socioeconomic equity in access to acute health care – a nationwide population study

The aim of the study is to combine prehospital data from emergency medical services (1-1-2), The Danish Health Care Service Register and from the medical helpline 1813 into the Danish Acute Care Cohort with register data from the National Patient Register and socioeconomic indicators from Statistics Denmark. The cohort will enable research into socioeconomic inequality in access to acute health care and identify strategic points for intervention to bridge the equity gap.

Methods: Epidemiologic register based research

Status: Approvals obtained, data collection in progress



Gamst-Jensen H, Nedergaard Jensen A, Frischknecht Christensen et al: Socioeconomic inequality in telephone triage on triage response, hospitalization, and 30-day mortality. Eur J Pub Health. 2021 jan

Thilsted S.L…., Gamst-Jensen H. Possible associations between callers' degree-of-worry and their socioeconomic status when contacting out-of-hours services: a prospective cohort study. BMC Emergency Medicine volume 21, Article number: 53 (2021)