CV for Hejdi Gamst-Jensen

Personal details

Citizenship: Danish                                                       

Phone: +45 25117804

Address: Højdevangs allé 9, 1. Sal, 2300 Copenhagen S                         


Academic qualifications

2015-2019: PhD in Health Science, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen.

2013-2015: Cand.Sceint.San, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen.

2001-2002: Bachelor of Nursing, Capital Region of Denmark, Copenhagen

2001: Registered Nurse, Rigshospitalet School of Nursing

Positions and appointments (latest)

2019-present: Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Clinical Research and Department of Emergency Medicine, Amager Hvidovre Hospital

2015-2018:  Ph.D. Fellow, Emergency Medical Services Copenhagen, Capital region of Denmark

2009-2015: Nurse anesthetist, Bispebjerg Hospital Hospital, Copenhagen

2008-2009: Nurse, Intensive Care Unit, Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Townsville, Australien

2006-2008: Student nurse anesthetist, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

2004-2006: Nurse, Intensive Care Unit, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

2003-2004: Nurse Surgical ward, Harstad, Norway       

2003: Nurse, Burns unit, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

2001-2003: Nurse, thoracic surgery department, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

Research interests

  • Patient involvement and patient reported outcome
  • Socio-economic inequity
  • Inter-professional collaboration in decision-making processes
  • Communication in time-limited encounters

Research relations (selected)

Clinical Academic Group: Prognostication of Acute Recovery Capacity – in an Aging Population (ACUTE-CAG)

Aalborg University Hospital, Center for Research in Prehospital-and Emergency Medicine, Professor Erika Frischknecht Christensen

National Institute for Public Health, Department of Population Health and Morbidity, Professor Janne Tolstrup

Research grants and projects (selected)

2020: Grant from Amager Hvidovre Hospital for the development of patient reported outcome measures in emergency medicine, DKK 90.000

2019: The Danish Foundation Trygfonden, grant for the development of patient reported outcome measures in emergency medicine, DKK 500.000

2017: Unrestricted grant from Danish Nurses Association for the Ph.D. study “Patient s’ self-assessment of illness and injury in telephone triage using a novel degree-of-worry scale”, DKK 100.000

2016: Grant from Trygfonden for the Ph.D. study “Patient s’ self-assessment of illness and injury in telephone triage using a novel degree-of-worry scale”, DKK 1.000.000 

Research experience

Hejdi has a strong clinical background and draws on her professional skills in the interaction with patients and health care professionals.  Hejdi has developed the degree-of-worry scale and works to explore the provision of the scale on the interaction between individuals and organizations. Hejdi is the project leader on several research projects and is the initiator and leader of the Danish Acute Cohort-project. 

Selected publications 

(full profile:


Thea Palsgaard Møller, Hejdi Gamst-Jensen, Søren Viereck, Freddy K. Lippert, Doris Østergaaard.  Emergency medical dispatchers' perception of barriers in handling emergency calls. A qualitative study (accepted for publication in Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med) 

Bogh SB, Flojlstrup M, Nissen SK…Gamst-Jensen, H et al. Emergency healthcare use throughout Denmark during the SARS-CoV2 pandemic (accepted for publication in BMJ Qual Saf) 

Gamst-Jensen H, Nedergaard Jensen A, Frischknecht Christensen et al Socioeconomic inequality in telephone triage on triage response, hospitalization, and 30-day mortality. Eur J Pub Health 2021; ckaa242, 

Gamst-Jensen, H., Frischknecht Christensen, E., Lippert, F. et al. Self-rated worry is associated with hospital admission in out-of-hours telephone triage - a prospective cohort study. Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med 2020;28(1):53. doi: 10.1186/s13049-020-00743-8.

Blakoe M, Gamst-Jensen H, Euler M. et al. Sociodemographic and health-related determinants for making repeated calls to a medical helpline: a prospective cohort study. BMJ Open 2019;9(7):e030173 doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-030173.

Gamst-Jensen H, Frishknecht Christensen E, Lippert F et al. Impact of caller's degree-of-worry on triage response in out-of-hours telephone consultations: a randomized controlled trial. Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine. 2019; 27(1):44. doi: 10.1186/s13049-019-0618-2 

Thilsted S, Egerod I, Lippert F, Gamst-Jensen H. Relation between illness representation and self-reported degree-of-worry in out-of-hours service calls: a mixed methods study. BMJ Open 2018;8(9):e020401. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-020401. 

Gamst-Jensen H, Huibers L, Pedersen K et al. Self-rated worry in acute care telephone triage: a mixed-methods study. Br J Gen Pract. 2018;68(668). doi: 10.3399/bjgp18X695021.  

Gamst-Jensen H, Lippert FK, Egerod I. Under-triage in telephone consultation is related to non-normative symptom description and interpersonal communication: a mixed methods study. Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med. 2017;25(1):52. doi: 10.1186/s13049-017-0390-0.

Gamst-Jensen H, Nygaard Vedel P, Lindberg-Larsen V, Egerod I. Acute pain management in burn patients: Appraisal and thematic analysis of four clinical guideline. Burns. 2014;40(8):1463-1469 

Thea Palsgaard Møller, Annette Kjær Ersbøll, Thora Majlund Kjærulff, Hejdi Gamst-Jensen et al. Emergency call utilisation and access to pre-hospital emergency care across different socioeconomic positions in a free-access healthcare system. A population-based study. (in review in BMJ Open) 

Gamst-Jensen H, Thilsted S.L., Folke F. et al. Possible associations between callers' degree-of-worry and their socioeconomic status when contacting out-of-hours services: a prospective cohort study. (In review BMC Emergency Medicine

Andrea Nedergaard Jensen, Hejdi Gamst-Jensen, Ove Andersen, Maria Kristensen. A qualitative analysis of early comprehensive patient engagement in acute clinical settings: is it feasible? (In review in EMJ) 

Udesen SEJ., Kristiansen M., Lassen A., Folke F., Gamst-Jensen H. Characteristics of patients with infection and their symptom presentation to a medical helpline: a mixed methods study (In review in Research and Theory for Nursing Practice)

Nedergaard Jensen A, Kristiansen M, Tolstrup J, Gamst-Jensen H. Self-reported degree-of-worry and self-rated health and the association with hospitalization when contacting out-of-hours medical services: a Danish prospective cohort study (in review in BMJ open)

Eugen-Olsen J, Altinas I, Tingleff J …Gamst-Jensen et al. Low levels of the prognostic biomarker suPAR are predictive of mild outcome in patients with symptoms of COVID-19. (In review in Clinical Infectious Diseases 

Stauning M, Atinas I, Kallemose T…Gamst-Jensen, et al. Who to admit? – use of the suPAR biomarker for patients with COVID-19 symptoms in the emergency department. (In review in Emergency Medical Journal)

 Gren C, Egerod I, Cortes D, Gamst-Jensen H. "We can't do without it": parent and call-handler perceptions on video triage of children at a medical helpline (in review in BMJ Qual Saf)

Gren C, Hasselager A, Linderoth G……Gamst-Jensen H, Cortes D. Video triage of children with respiratory symptoms at a medical helpline is safe and feasible – a prospective quality improvement study (in review in BMJ Qual Saf)

Non-peer reviewed

Gamst-Jensen H. "Har du taget temperaturen på din patients bekymring i dag? – for midlingetekst til DR's Phd-cup [Have you measured the temperature on your patient's worry today – a research presentation for Danish Broadcasting Coporation's Phd-cup]

Gamst-Jensen H. Referat af "World Congress for Nurse Anaesthetists 2012", Dråben                                                             

Gamst-Jensen H. Seje Patienter i Australien [Cool Patients in Australia). Sygeplejersken 2010;110(12)62-5 

Gamst-Jensen H. Boganmeldelse af Emergency Medicine Secrets [Book review of Emergency Medicine Secrets]. Scandinavian Update Magazine 2/2009  

Gamst-Jensen H. Boganmeldelse af Anaesthesia Secrets - Til kommende anæstesisygeplejersker [Book review of Anaesthesia Secrets – for future nurse anaesthetists]. Sygeplejersken 17/2007 

Gamst-Jensen H. Sygepleje i sump og jungle [Nursing in swamp and jungle]. Sygeplejersken 2005; (26): 26-29 

Gamst H & Hallas P. "Patrouille Médicale à Bosset" [A medical patrol to Bosset]. Les Notres, Juin 2005/178: 8-11