Obese pregnant women

Our research aims towards a more in-deep understanding of the single components and their interaction in the body’s metabolism, including digestion and the transport of substances into and between cells.

The research activities cover the influence of obesity during pregnancy to both mother and child, the optimizing of bariatric surgery and the development of interventions to obesity.

Publication on the topic

Pregnancy after bariatric surgery - a review of benefits and risks​

When other weight loss attempts have failed, bariatric surgery offers a successful alternative against obesity. Since operations are performed during women´s reproductive years, the number of pregnant women with prior bariatric surgery is increasing. Bariatric surgery results in restriction of food intake and/or malabsorption leading to weight loss, but may induce a risk for malnutrition and pregnancy complications.

Pregnancy after bariatric surgery seems safe but larger studies are needed to improve the surveillance of these pregnancies and to assist in preventing adverse outcomes.
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