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​PACE – Pancreatitis Centre East is a center for treatment, knowledge and research in pancreatitis in the eastern part of Denmark at the Gastro Unit, Hvidovre Hospital.

Severe abdominal pain is one of cardinal symptoms of acute pancreatitis. The triggering factors can be gallstone, alcohol or tobacco. Many patients will recover quickly, but a smaller part (5-10%) will develop a severe pancreatitis which partly can destroy the gland, lead to developed of collections and other complications necessating prolonged hospitalization.

Insufficient function of the gland leads to loss of weight, diabetes and other complications. Provocative factors are most often alcohol and tobacco but for a small part the etiology is unknown.

Since the young years of the hospital in the 1970’ies, the Gastro unit at Hvidovre Hospital have had a specific interest for patient with both acute and chronic pancreatitis. Over the years we have developed a number of advanced clinical and technical skills in this area, including optimized and systematized treatment of patients with acute and chronic pancreatitis, treatment of complicated pancreatitis with multi-disciplinary approach,  and also a patient school for patients with chronic pancreatitis and their relatives.

Establishment of PACE will strengthen the profile of Hvidovre Hospital within research, knowledge and treatment of pancreatitis.

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