International cooperation

Scandinavian Baltic Forum of Excellence 

A cooperation forum for experts in pancreatology from Denmark, Sweeden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Lithuenia and Russia with a speciel interest in chronic pancreatitis. The group has established the Scandinavian Baltic chronic pancreatitis database. Besides doctors from the Center of Pancreatic Diseases in Aalborg and OPAC in Odense (see above) are the following represented: Matthias Löhr, Stephan Haas, Marco Del-Chiaro, Miroslav Vujasinovic and Nikolaos Kartalis, Karolinska University Stockholm, Sverige; Björn Lindkvist, Göteborg, Sverige; Johanna Laukkarinen, Tampere, Finland; Truls Hauge, Anders Molven and Anne Waage, Oslo University Hospital, Norge; Georg Dimcevski, Trond Engjom,  Friedemann Erchinger,  Erling Tjora and Ingfrid Salvesen Haldorsen, Bergen, Norge; Aldis Pukitis and Imanta Ozola-Zālīte, Latvija University, Letland; A. V. Okhlobystin, Moskva, Rusland.

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