Cooperation at Hvidovre Hospital

Gastro Unit, medical section

Pancreatologists, gastroenterologists, advanced endoscopists, semi-intensive observation department, special educaded and research nurses at the stationary departments and out-patient-clinic, specialised out-patient-clinic.

Gastro Unit, surgical section: 

Surgeons with speciel VARD expertise.

Department of microbiology: 

At a weekly interdisciplinary conference all the hospitalised complicated patients with pancreatic diseases are looked through and the rationel antibiotica therapy discussed. Also, we have a close research cooperation with focus on antibiotic treatment of infected pancreatic necrosis. 

Primary cooperation partner is doctor Inge Jenny Dahl Knudsen.

Department of imaging

At two weekly interdisciplinary conferences we go through primarily the CT-scans. Also we have a research cooperation. 

Primary cooperation partner is doctor Anette Bøjer Jensen.

Department of clinical physiology

A close clinical and research cooperation for many years t.ex. evaluation of the exocrine pancreatic function, the composition of the body and bonemineral. 

Primary cooperation partner is professor Søren Møller.

Department of endocrinology

Daily clinical cooperation to optimise the diagnostics and treatment of diabetes- and osteoporosis .

Pain clinic, department of anaestesia: 

A close clinical cooperation on treatment of pain especially for the patients with chronic pancreatitis. 

Primary cooperation partner is doctor Palle Flink.

The nutrition out-patient-clinic and department of nutrition

Daily clinical cooperation with focus on optimised nutrition especially in patients with chronic pancreatitis. 

Primary cooperation partner is nurse Heidi Neumann and dietist Adelaide Linddal.

Department of physiotherapy and ergotherapy: 

Clinical and research cooperation. 

Primary cooperation partners are Linette Marie Kofod, Physiotherapists and Morten Tange, senior researcher, Ph.d.

Department of intensive care

Daily cooperation and research cooperation. 

Primary cooperation partners are doctor Ulf Gøttrup Pedersen and doctor Klaus Tjelle Kristiansen.

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