​Stearing committee


Camilla Nøjgaard, MD, Ph.d.

Clinical and reasearch responsible

Srdan Novovic, MD, Ph.d., associate professor

Endoscopic responsible

Palle Nordblad Schmidt, MD, Ph.d.

Research responsible and cashier

Lise Lotte Gluud, MD,, associate professor

Surgical research responsible

John Gásdal Karstensen, MD, Ph.d., surgical section


Camilla Vorsholt

The pancreatic team

Erik Feldager, MD, Ph.d.

Bo Søndergaard, MD

Flemming Bendtsen, professor, MD,

Hans Timm, MD

Ulrik Becker, professor, MD,

Lars Lindgaard, MD, surgical section

The team supports the pancreatic related projects initiated at the Gastro Unit:

  • Implementation of new treatment modalities,
  • Implementation of the latest treatment results for patients with pancreatic diseases in daily practice 
  • Keep on qualifying their skills within this area
  • Guide and teach the young researchers and doctors.

Young research team

Mikkel Werge, young doctor

Astrid Naver, young doctor

Amer Hadi, young doctor

Anders Borch, young doctor

The team's aim is to:

  • Keep on being scientific active
  • Make scientific studies
  • Publish research
  • Keep on qualifying their skills within this area.

PACE nursing team:

Sisse Rysgaard (nurse research at the department)

Joy Timmner (nurse research at the department)

Marianne Priskorn (out-patient clinic)

Helle Jensen (out-patient clinic)

Heidi Neumann (out-patient clinic)

The teaching profile of the department

Our team has a number of educational and teaching responsibilities. We teach fellows in gastroenterology and hepatology in benign pancreatic diseases and endoscopy. We teach intensivist, intensive care nurses and up-coming gastroenterologic nurses. We have contributed to clinical regional, national and international guidelines for the treatment of acute and chronic pancreatitis. We have initiated a patient school for patients with chronic pancreatitis. The purpose is to educate and inform patients and their relatives about chronic pancreatitis, the complications, nutrition, smoking, alcohol and coping with the disease.

Responsible editor