Vision and Strategy

Our vision

The research vision for our hospitals is to create equity in health and that research activities are a fundamental and necessary part of the development of patient treatment, care and rehabilitation. 

All professions and clinical departments have an obligation to perform research in order to optimize and implement the existing knowledge and create new knowledge for the future - improving the treatment and care of our patients in the clinic and after discharge.

The research is clustered into 5 strategic areas
  • Functional and Biomedical Imaging 
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Infections
  • Lifestyle Diseases
  • Optimizing Patient Treatment

To achieve our goals we collaborate with
  • All hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark
  • National and International Universities and University Colleges
  • All our surrounding Municipalities  
  • Medico and Pharmaceutical Companies

Our strategy focuses
  • Supporting research activities in departments with limited scientific output
  •  Implementing the knowledge from the newest research into the clinics
  •  Attracting external funding for our programs
  • Communicating our results and proposing information about our programs