The Molecular Biological Collaboration

​The collaboration is established due to an increasing demand for developing new diagnostic methods and achieving better use of resources between the laboratory technical departments at Hvidovre Hospital.


The collaboration includes 4 laboratory technical departments, and they are responsible for development, validating and implementing new techniques.​

Their aim for the collaboration is​

  •  To establish a common strategy for development and research. To develop and validat new diagnostic methods. 
  • To identify and enable cross-department use of competences and analytic equipment.  
  • To establish a forum where the involved departments can manage and make the cross-functional research projects visible. 
  • To build collaborative environment, which contribute to ensure service and intern training in new techniques.

The 4 departments are

Department of Pathology
Contact person: Ulla Højholt Engel, Medical Head of Department.  

Department of Clinical Microbiology
Contact person: Christian Østergaard Andersen, Medical Head of Department.

Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Contact person: Lise Bathum, Medical Head of Department.

Clinical Research Centre 
Contact person: Ove Andersen, Head of Research. 

For more information, please contact Linda Andresen: