​QuantiBact A/S was founded in 2002 with the aim to create a new molecular quick test to detect microorganisms directly in the urine in case of suspected urinary tract infection. 

The method was based on a patent application from the Department of Clinical Microbiology at Hvidovre Hospital. 

With financial support from NOVI Innovation A/S in 2004 a "proof of technology" was made and the company was made operational in 2007 with funding from Vecata A/S and Incubation Venture A/S. 

The new investors also introduced a new artificial nucleic acid: Twisted Intercalating Nucleic Acid (TINA). QuantiBact A/S received an exclusive license to use TINA for diagnosis. 

The original patent is subsequently abandoned, but a number of new patents based on the TINA technology have been established. 

QuantiBact A/S works with the commercialization of the TINA technology and with developing new nucleic acid-based technologies. 

Since December 2012 it has been possible to buy TINA containing oligonucleotides for use in target amplification methods such as PCR from Eurofins MWG Synthesis GmbH, Ebersberg, Germany and since June 2013 also from Trilink Biotechnologies Inc in San Diego, CA, USA.